What is Pathways?

a place for people of all ages to access QUALITY health & education services, all under one roof

Pathways Learning Centre is a brand-new facility in which people in Regina can access private health and educational services. We offer an inclusive private preschool program, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and music therapy, just to name a few! Having these services all conveniently offered in one place allows you easy access to a variety of services, with the opportunity for collaboration between your service-providers. We are thrilled to partner with many amazing professionals to offer a variety of high-quality services at Pathways.

a place for children with or without communication delays
to access a high-quality preschool education

Pathways is home to Regina’s first inclusive private preschool program for children aged two-to-five years old. We offer enrollment to children with or without communication delays, who can benefit from a group environment and a staff-to-student ratio of 1:4. Designed and implemented by Speech-Language Pathologists, our preschool classes will focus on developing strong communication by targeting language and literacy skills. As strong communication and literacy skills are key indicators for kindergarten success, we know all children will benefit from our program.

Meet the Founders...

We are Cari Thiele and Maegan Mason, founders of Pathways Learning Centre. We are both registered Speech-Language Pathologists, who each have a diverse clinical background from the various positions we have held in our careers thus far (e.g., health, education, private practice). Through our work, we have had the privilege to know many families, and help them with a wide variety of needs. We know that strong speech, language, and literacy skills are fundamental to everyday life. We also know early intervention and prevention are profoundly important for all children, especially those with cognitive and/or communication delays. This knowledge combined with our passion for helping families has been the driving force for founding Pathways. We want to increase the availability of speech-language pathology services to the people of Regina. As such, we are thrilled to offer a centre that provides families with a Communication Preschool Program, along with a variety of other individual and group services. We want Pathways to be a place for professional collaboration and best-practice services, so that you can access the best services all under one roof. 

Find Pathways on Facebook; we will be posting updates about our preschool programs and about the amazing services we will offer. We look forward to serving your family!

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