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Pathways is a one-stop-shop for individuals of all ages to access both individual and group-based services to address a variety of needs. This page is updated regularly to list the various services offered, conveniently all under Pathways’ roof! Stay tuned to our website for announcements as we continue to add new services providers to our team.

Please note that some of our service providers also offer services in other locations, and that Pathways may be one place of many for their service delivery.



Beyond Words Speech-Language consultants

Communicate to your full potential! Our Speech-Language Pathologists are committed to implementing exceptional, family-centred, therapy services to meet your individual needs! We provide assessment and treatment for both children and adults. We recognize each client is unique, and value partnering with our clients to develop individualized therapy programs.

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Connect Therapy provides private Occupational Therapy services in the areas of: general pediatrics, sensory processing disorders, developmental delays, independence in daily living skills (dressing, eating, sleeping), and self-regulation. Experience with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, fine and gross motor delays; ages preschool to early adulthood. Connect Therapy is committed to building skills through play and family-centred intervention. Connect Therapy offers assessment, consultation, and intervention services.

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Bloomful-Music-Therapy (1).jpg


Bloomful Music Therapy provides individual and group music therapy services for people of all ages and abilities. Evidence-based techniques and individualized goals are used to promote development, health, and well-being within each client. Bloomful Music Therapy believes in building strong therapeutic relationships where clients are appropriately challenged yet feel supported, empowered, and able to bloom.

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exhale parenting

Anna and Cecilia from Exhale Parenting are postpartum and family care doulas serving Regina, SK and area. They offer other services to support parents and families, like babywearing education, infant sleep education, and parenting coaching. Parenting is intense, especially in this day and age. So much information and so many options - it can get overwhelming and stressful trying to navigate all the choices and approaches out there. They believe you deserve to enjoy parenthood, even though it’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. Their services combine practical, informational, and emotional support that help you get in touch with your instincts and find your own unique approach that works for you and your family. No matter what stage you’re at with parenting or what challenges you’re facing, we can help you absorb all the information, opinions, and questions, make a plan for the way forward, and then celebrate with you as you let out that big sigh of relief, knowing that you’ve got this.

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Kayla Huszar Creative Services

Kayla is a Registered Social Worker and Expressive Art Therapist who specializes in creative supportive programs for mothers. Her approach to therapy might differ from the traditional "therapist" you may have in mind. She believes in art & creative expression as a way to communicate and heal. She believes it is the best avenue for those who find it difficult to verbalize what might be troubling them, or who struggle to identify what might be wrong in the first place. She has created a variety of services such as expressive art therapy, self development retreats/workshops/classes, maternal support groups, and creative coaching programs.

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